What to Know About Designing a Website

Designing a website can be stressful and confusing. This blog entry will give you insight about what goes into web design when working with Jet Powered!

In an effort to make the process of web development easier to anyone who may be interested in taking their business to the next level by creating a strong online presence, we sit down with Jet Powered’s President, Corey Smith to get a little insight on what goes into the development of a website and what you as a business owner should expect when working with a digital agency.


What does a client have to do to ensure that a website is completed within the given timeframe?


“At Jet Powered we have this processed down to a science! We communicate with our clients in our initial meetings, and walk through the process with them. We do some internal planning to make sure that the client has all the resources available to get the project moving! Some of the main elements to start our projects right away are things like: home page content, site map, and your goals.

Another great way to ensure all deadlines are met, it is a good idea to have one person responsible for consolidating feedback. This makes the process go a lot faster, and also allows your design team to be efficient in finalizing revisions that we need when we request feedback.

When we train you on how to use your content management system (if your project required one), it is suggested to set aside some time shortly after training to go into to content manager and actually use the tool and test them out to see how to work with your website. There is a bit of a learning curve with content management systems.”


What features when building a website take the longest?


“It is best to look at this at a different point of view. If you are trying to decide which features are worth the additional cost, it is suggested that you focus on the features that will play a role in increasing your visibility online. We have noticed that a lot of Ottawa business’ ignore social media, and do not brand and operate social media sites properly. This is a key place that your business can stand out. We can help.”

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Is responsive (mobile / ipad optimized websites) worth the additional cost?


Usability is VERY important when creating a first impression online. The usage of handheld devices have increased dramatically over the passed years. If a user is having a hard time navigating your website because it is not showing up on handheld devices properly, this can be a problem.

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What elements are important for Search Engine Optimization?


There are many elements that play a factor in web development that determine how Google ranks your website. Blogs are an optional feature that can be a huge asset to your business. Have new content filtered through your website, plays a big role in how Google ranks your website.

Another great optional feature that started playing a factor in ranking is social media. At a minimum, it is good to have social media links in the website to your social media profiles.


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