Website Design: It’s Impact On Sales

Companies spend money when they want to redesign their website, and have it done properly. They hope that a more attractive website = more revenue. Does it really matter? Is beautiful design more important than a simple web design? What matters most to users?

The ‘wow factor’ leaves a positive first impression on investors and prospects, and certainly does lead to more sales. The better the first impression, the better the chance of contact, and/or purchase.

What can we do to improve your website’s credibility?

Provide a useful set of frequently asked questions;
Ensure the website is arranged in a logical way;
Ensure the site is professionally designed;
Make sure the site is as up to date as possible;
Ensure the site is linked to other websites and vice-versa.

Exactly How Important Is An Uncluttered Website Design?

It is crucial to make sure that you have your website designed to appear professional. A cluttered website will not speak well of your company. First impression is everything, and if a user can not find their way easily through your site – you are in trouble! You will not want to lose leads, by misdirecting users.